InVidia SRx software Starts then Closes without running

Q:  The software just started doing something weird.  We click on the icon to start it up, the cursor starts spinning (telling us to wait), and then it just goes away without ever running.

How do we fix this?

There are generally two causes for the InVidia SRx client software to not execute. 

1.  One is that the user doesn't have the rights to run this software.  This would be a permissions issue that your IT staff will want to investigate.  But, if you don't have an IT staff and there are no restrictions on your PC then try the following:

* Right-click on the InVidia SRx icon
* Select Run as Administrator
* You'll get a message that asks:  "Do yo want the following app from an unknown publisher to moake changes to your device?"
* Click "Yes"

If this doesn't work then try #2

2. Sometimes Antivirus apps will preven the execution of the InVidia SRx software.

Test this in your environment by turning your anti-virus real-time monitoring off.
Then try to start the InVidia SRx program.
   - First try it normally by double-clicking on the icon.
   - Next try Running it as Administrator as shown above.

If this doesn't work - try reinstalling the software

Perhaps something happened and you need a fresh copy. You can reinstall the software right over top the existing version.

     * To download the previous version (v1.13), which is the most common as of this writing - click here
     * To download and install the latest version (v.2.03 as of this writing) - click here
Once you've donloaded your InVidia SRx zip file.  Unzip the file and begin the install process.

Here's a link with a video that will walk you through the installation process.

If that doesn't work then give Precise Digital Support a call at (480) 626-8088.

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