Benefits and Drawbacks of H.265 Recording - HDVR Series

Our HDVR Series recorders have the capability of encoding files in H.265 which a higher video compression algorthim.  That means that your recording files will be smaller for a given amount of time.

There are benefits as well as drawbacks to using H.265 encoding and we'll list them here.  You'll need to decide if going to H2.65 is beneficial in your environment.

  • Smaller files - A typical 1080p recording will be about 1,800-1,900 MB per hour.  By changing to H.265 you can cut your file size in about half to about 900-950MB.
  • When setting the InVidia SRx HDVR recorder for a 2GB limit that means you can capture a little over two hours before the file size limit is reached.  Remember, when the file size limit is reached the recorder continues to record, it just means that an additional file will be created for all recording after the 2 hr limit.
  • Quicker downloads and less space occupied on DVD and flash drives
  • Files can be played in VLC Media Player which is freely available and is a very good media player.


The main drawbacks have nothing to do with the encoding quality or performance but, mainly, with Microsoft's inability or desire to support any new formats natively.

  • Windows Media Player doesn't play h.265 encoded files natively, even if they've been exported in their own .ASF format

  • Windows Movies & TV Player - which is Microsofts replacement play for WMP (above) doesn't natively play these files either.


If you're comfortable using VLC Media Player and letting other users know that they'll need to use VLC to play your files then we'd recommend upping your encoding game to H.265.

VLC is such a widely used media player that it's likely that you and your customers already have it installed and this wouldn't be an issue.

However, if you absolutuly MUST have the files playable in Windows Media Player or Windows Movies & TV then stick with the H.264 encoding.

Either way, we recommend upgrading your InVidia SRx Client software to Version 2.  You can do that by clicking here

See the following Knowledge Base articles on installing InVidia SRx Client v2.

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