I can't see my recorder. How do I add it so I can see it?

Here are the steps
  1. On the Home Page, click DEVICES (located on the bottom row)
  2. From the Devices screen, click MANUAL ADD (bottom left corner)
  3. Fill in the following information
    • Device Name:  Give it any name you wish (for example: Interview NVR)
    • IP/Domain Name: Enter the IP Address of the recorder (the default NVR IP Address is:
    • Port:  Set to 32789
    • User name: admin (all lower case)
    • Password: The password of the NVR (the default is:  11111111!)
  4. Click Get Info to retrieve the NVR Serial Number
    • Note: If the serial number displays in the Device SN field then Success!
  5. Click Add

You've just added the NVR to your list.  You should now see the Status change from Offline to Online


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