I'm not able to hear any sound or audio from my PC

When having audio troubles there can only be a few places to look.

  • A PHYSICAL CONNECTION - a cable is loose or has become disconnected either to the microphones or possibly even the speakers.  If you have speakers attached, make sure they're plugged in, turned on and tightly connected to the PC.
  • A DEVICE FAILURE - There are 2 devices that make up the audio system.  The microphone itself and an audio interface which powers the mic and connects to the recorder.  This is rare.

  • SOFTWARE FUNCTION - The InVidia SRx software, by default, mutes all channels while live viewing.  To listen, the user must enable to the audio to be streamed.  Perhaps the audio needs to be turned on for the room you're viewing.

  • SYSTEM (WINDOWS) FUNCTION - Your windows speaker settings have changed.  Either the audio is set to mute, the volume is low, or the Sound settings are disabled.

  1. Check the InVidia SRx software to see if the audio is muted or enabled.  By default the audio is muted in InVidia SRx.  To display the camera toolbar, hover your mouse cursor in the window of one of the rooms you're viewing.  The toolbar will display at the top of the window. 

    In the camera toolbar, you can see  check the speaker icon. 

    If it's muted it will look like this: 
    If the audio is enabled, it will look like this: 

  2. Test to see if your PC or laptop is playing sounds and also check the speaker volume on your PC.  To see how to do this,  click here.

  3. Is the PC audio muted or is the volume turned down? 
    * To check - Click on the Windows audio icon located in the bottom-right corner.  Slide the volume level to 100.

Hardware connections to check

  • Check all the audio connections to make sure they're connected and there are no loose wires. 

    • Check and make sure the cables coming from the audio interface to the recorder are pushed in all the way.
    • Check the 3 wires (red, black, silver) coming from the microphone.  Are they secure?

  • Check to make sure the audio interface is powered on. 

    Here's an image of the audio interface with the LED showing power.

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